Power of AI technology Wisdom of Feng Shui

We are a company that leverages AI technology for intelligent big data analysis, offering personalized one-on-one services. Our professional team personally crafts these services, providing detailed analysis, guidance, objective and impartial evaluations, cost-effective pricing, and exceptional value.
About Us
BYTEX is an innovative technology company dedicated to integrating technology with Feng Shui metaphysics. Headquartered in Singapore, we are a comprehensive AI tech firm specializing in Feng Shui, encompassing research and development, production, and sales. We provide standardized services to Southeast Asian enterprises and high-tech companies in China. The company boasts a team of experienced R&D engineers, high-quality management personnel, and skilled workers with a strong sense of responsibility. Through scientific management, we continuously upgrade our product technology, ensuring the reliability of our product quality, the reasonableness of our pricing, guaranteed services, and timely delivery

An innovative application based on big data analysis and AI-powered fortune-telling robots. The XiaMi APP, launched by Bytex International Tech Company, is a powerful metaphysical app that integrates artificial intelligence to offer one-on-one consultation services on a digital platform.

We have teachers from various professional fields who can provide a wide range of services, including Bazi fortune-telling, Zi Wei Dou Shu, annual luck prediction, Qi Men Dun Jia, numerology, Tarot reading, zodiac fortunes, facial features interpretation, and name analysis based on the Five Elements. You can choose teachers based on your preferences, and they will serve as guiding lights on your life's journey.


Harnessing Ancient Wisdom for a Brighter Future

Bytex's team is composed of experienced and creative professionals who dedicate their full efforts to provide maximum support to every student, client, agent, and shareholder. In the field of Feng Shui and astrology, which is rich in cultural heritage, we are committed to bringing positive energy, wisdom, and success to everyone, making life full of hope and opportunities. We firmly believe that everyone has the opportunity to create a brilliant future through hard work. Whether you are pursuing wealth and success, career development, harmonious relationships, or personal growth, we are willing to be your partner in creating a brighter future together.


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